PBIS for Expanded Learning Registration

We are excited to meet your team and get them started in the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports Virtual Course!

Course Runs: 7 Weeks

Sep 16th - Nov 3rd

Registration ends Sep 9th

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to set up an appointment to discuss.  Now please complete your enrollment process below.


Download Roster

Please download this excel document and fill it out completely with staff info.



One School

Open the excel document and please input:

  • Full name
  • Staff Title
  • E-mail

“Line Staff” or “Staff” refers to those who manage and support a group of students. 

“Site Lead” refers to those who supervise staff members who work directly with students.

  • Please make sure to double-check the spelling of the e-mails and names. 
  • Make sure you include the name of your organization.
  • When finished, scroll down to step 2 to select team meeting dates.


Select Your Dates/Add Your Roster

The team meetings are 1 hour live ZOOM workshops where team members work as a team to complete a PBIS implementation action plan.   Please hit the button below to select the available dates for your team.

If staff are unable to attend any of those dates, you can utilize our self-facilitated team modules to do it on your own. No technical skills required other than knowing how to turn a video on and off. 

This is not required; it is for teams that are going through the course together for the first time. 

Things to know

  • Staff have three – 1 hour team virtual meetings to attend.
  • The whole staff should attend the same meeting. That means iine staff and site leads.
  • Staff will have 3 options per week for their team meetings but all staff must attend the same meeting.